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Mission Viejo, CA - When it comes to bass fishing, Southern California is known for pumping out some true tankers.  Bass King Pro Team Angler Adam Cargill knows this drill all too well, yet sometimes uses as little as 4# test line to get his bites.  These bruisers will put a hurting on the 20-pound line, let alone anything less than ten.  Take a look at some of these chunks, many of which Adam had to hold his breath and hope for the best.

Notes from Adam Cargill....

The 9 lber was caught at Mission Viejo on a Black Dog Bait Co. Lunker Punker. I had had a follower on the Punker that faded off but swam in the direction of the Boat. I was looking down in the water trying to see her when I heard a huge crash on my bait. This other Bass absolutely hammered the Bait while it was sitting still about 20’ from the boat.

The night shot in this Email was an 8.2 Lb Castaic Lagoon fish. I caught her on a 6” weedless Huddleston Deluxe Swimbait in the new “Night Stalker” color.

This fish was caught at Diamond Valley Lake. It was suspended over 105’ of water. I caught her on a weightless 5” Watermelon Black Flake Senko and 4# Flouro. This was one of the best fighting Bass I have ever landed. Every time I would get her to the Boat, she would run off another 20 feet of line towards the bottom. Awesome stuff. I landed several with this technique this day and lost one fish that was definitely bigger…

This is just a 6 Lb fish. It was quite the battle on 6# test though. Especially considering all of the cover around… I caught her on a Lucky Craft Flash Minnow.

The 10.5 from Mission was caught Sight-Fishing with a Pink and White Jig. I actually broke this fish off earlier in the day. I set the hook, she shook her head, broke the line and spit out the Chartreuse/Red and White Jig about 1’ from where she bit it. I came back about two hours later and she bit a Pink and White Jig on the first cast.

The 8.5 lb Largie from Mission in this Email was caught on the same Pink and White Jig. This was a “sight fish” also.

The Smallmouth was caught at Lake Havasu. That was 1 of 8 Smallies that I landed that night on the Swimbait. The biggest 5 went 18-19 Lbs.

And finally...Diamond Valley Lake pumps out this chunky 12.5-pound Largemouth on the Tsunaga Swimmer, a large, jointed lure built to mimic the action of a live trout....