Bass King Facebook Giveaway (April 19th, 2012): Guess the combined weight of this fine daily limit (note: there is a 5th largemouth somewhat hidden behind the others)?
PRIZE: Bass King LMB Tee
RULES: Take your best guess of the combined weight of these five fish! The winner will be determined by the first entrant to properly guess the weight, or if no one guesses correctly, the closest guess without going over wins. Please post your best guess in the comment section of the photo. The winner will be announced at 10:00 am PSD, Friday(tomorrow) 4/20/12. Entries are to be posted in the comment section of this photo on FACEBOOK and can be submitted through 9:59 am PSD tomorrow. The winner will be contacted through private message on Facebook.
NOTE: SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS and have them LIKE our page! If we get over 100 entries from different people, the winner will get the t-shirt and a Bass King Hoody!