Bass King Pro Team Saltwater Anglers Matt Moyer and Mike "Reebs" Ryba, along with Nic Dragomire and Shae McIntee, recently returned from Mexico's Cedros Island on a film trip targeting the Pacific's favorite inshore species, the Calico Bass.  McIntee was filming an episode for his new show "Stoked on Fishing" and caught the action all on tape as the boys experienced some incredible fishing, including a 200-fish catch and release day on Calicos, while also getting into some hot action on hard-fighting Yellowtail and Halibut.  Much more to come as we will be receiving a full report from the group in the next few days.  Stay tuned...


Below: Calico haven - Cedros Island's rugged coastline


Below: Moyer and Reebs show off the bounty of Cedros, hefty Calico Bass


Below:  Reebs with his personal best Halibut - A 41-pound "Flattie"


Below:  Yellowtail - You might have seen this at your favorite sushi restaurant as "Hamachi"


Below:  The old "Calico Thumb" - well worth it