Willow Beach is not a quick, easy drive from Southern California – the potential for monster Striped Bass, however, makes the trek all the worthwhile.

Willow Beach is a small town which lies on the Arizona side of the Colorado River.  Nestled downstream from the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, Willow Beach is arguably one of the most scenic fishing destinations in the country.  Steep canyon walls and calm river inlays are just a preview of the scene as the clear, blue waters of the Colorado meander towards the Gulf of California.


Below: An incredible scenery shot served up a la Willow Beach


The scenery is great, yet – but, the main attraction rests on the incredible Striped Bass fishery offered in the waters flowing off willow beach.  Late summer to early winter is prime season for stripers.  These fish congregate near the surface and in small pockets to feed on shoals of shad schooled-up in the river.


Below: Team Bass King's "Kewly" Zimara and Bill Nance with a couple Willow Beach Striper


Using River2Sea S-Waver Minnows, Team Bass King’s Bill Nance and Hubert “Kewly” Zimara caught plenty of “school-sized” fish in the 8-12 lb. range.  The real big boys should start making their presence known anytime now, so stay tuned for updates to follow, as the boys at BK are lined up for a few more trips to Willow Beach this season.



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